Hallelujah! IKEA is opening up it’s first store in Croatia in a few days. It was about time. Nobody happier than me! Yeah, I am an IKEA fan, big one. Of course, no doubt I will be making a sensory room filled with IKEA items for my little 6 month old boy. This is my top 3 list of IKEA items that will surely find a place in V’s room. I’m adding a short Pro ‘n’ Con feature for each of the three when used for sensory integration.

  1. Swingswing
    Pro: Great for balance stimulation. You can swing your baby left-right and in circle for balance exercise, front-back for relaxation; you can put your baby to sleep on it. It’s very durable and easy to clean (red fabric can be unzipped and washed separately). Great for proprioception stimulation when slightly bounced off of the surrounding (softly padded) walls.
    Con: You cannot leave your baby and a small child unattended on that swing. And definitely put some mats, cushions or something else soft around and below the swing.
  2. benchBalancing bench
    Pro: Great for stimulation of balance for older kids. Might get them off of your couch arm rests. Perfect for those kids who need visual / spatial stimulation as it gives the higher perspective. I like it also as an obstacle that your kid has to crawl under, walk over etc. Aside from the sensory benefits, I like it as a bench kids can use to sit on and because it’s so thin, it can be stored easily.
    Con: safety hazard
  3. tunnel + tentTunnel
    Pro: I love how it enhances the body awareness as it slightly decreases the visual system. Kids need to learn the boundaries of their bodies to be able to go through the tunnel without feeling scared. It’s also great to use it with the tent, which you can fill with small plastic or soft balls for a more proprioceptive stimulation. Both items easily washable. Also great to use as an obstacle or a link that connects the two parts.
    Con: If used reasonably, no cons.

Can’t wait!


photo credit: ikea.com

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