Because I believe that we should use the principles of sensory integration throughout the whole day, every day and everywhere, I am listing some common places parents take their kids to along with some ideas on how to make it fun and sensory. Of course, these activities should be adjusted to the age of your child and on how much they can do on their own. Sometimes it is good to try out a new activity, even just to see our child’s reaction to something new, to a new sensory stimulus or just a little change from a regular schedule. You should not force your child into doing these activities if you see your child is not accepting them well. Rather introduce the activities slowly and give enough time to your child to observe, use it on their own in their own ways and possibly push it away.
All the activities also depend on what sensory input your child wants the most at that moment, so it is very important to always keep an eye on your child’s sensory needs as they sometimes change very quickly.

At home

On the road

On the way to the kindergarten / school and back

In public transportation

In a shopping center

In the park

At guests’ place

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